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Beginning the New Year

As the first night falls on the 2018 year so does many peoples new years resolutions that they'll end up breaking within a week most of the time. Each year I try to promise myself 3 things of varying difficulty, and attempt to get them done. This year I've decided on the following three ideas:

  • "Simple" - Finish decorating my apartment so it doesn't look like a college kids apartment, and instead looks like a comfy home to live in.
  • "Requires Some Effort" - Stop living with a broken car, and carpooling/lyfting everywhere. Go find a car that you want, and buy a brand new car.
  • "Requires Determination" - Write a blog post at least once a week about something that's at least 500 words. This I've tried to do so many time (as evidenced by the three blog posts on my site since I started it mid 2017.) That being said I really want to do this. I know the hardest part will be writing about things I do, even if I think it may be boring to others.

All in all this seems like a fairly simple resolution, and probably even cliche in some aspects of it. However, that's okay for me. I keep talking about these three points above, but now having a commitment written on the internet, as well as calendar events. I think I'll finally be able to pull those across the finish line. I'll stop talking about it, and just do it as an old meme would say.

Old Memes never die here...

Old Memes never die here...

In addition this year I've also created a list of things that I'd like to do, but I don't necessarily expect myself to do. Again I create three because as Nintendo has taught me three is the most magical number:

  •  Contribute to LLVM: I love compilers, and I'd love to submit a patch even if it's tiny to my favorite compiler.
  • Go through Rosetta Stone Japanese: I've learned Japanese, but without anyone to speak to about it in my daily life I fall out of practice really quickly. I'm hoping that going through rosetta stone again can help me get back into shape.
  • Write more Rust Code: I know this is super super vague, but I really would love to continue writing rust. Hopefully at work, but maybe not.

Once again these all feel like pretty simple goals, but they're things I keep talking about doing. If you notice that's the theme for both sets of goals. I want to actually do things that I always talk about in passing, but never end up actually doing. I feel like this happens a lot to me since I get absorbed in my projects at work. Where I work on that, and never actually invest in my passing ideas because I'm either relaxing, or getting ahead on work. This year I hope to listen to that little voice in my head. Work on projects that I want to work on, and get better in generally hopefully at the end.

Anyway, I know this wasn't much besides a few cliche statements, but if I never start even with something as simple as this I'll keep getting focused on projects, and not meeting my goal.

So here's to 2018, a year where I'll continue blogging week after week, hopefully learning from the problems in 2017, and progressing even further into life.

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